Back at it

It’s been a solid 9 years since I posted anything here, but here I am, back at it.

This blog was the first expression a culinary impulse I had that eventually became Quince and Apple, the artisan food company Clare and I started in 2009 and still run today. Since then, almost all of my creative energy has been poured into building our business from scratch – creating, perfecting and scaling product recipes, designing an artisan production system that can support hundreds of wholesale customers, conceiving and promoting a brand first locally, then regionally and now nationally, and developing a sales system to sell enough jars to fund the whole operation.

Quince and Apple jar display

Turns out it takes a lot of work to make something like this a reality.

Basically, Clare and I have both been working tirelessly for the past 9 years to turn the nascent ideas I wrote about here into a full-fledged, nationally distributed artisan food company.

Matt sleeping on the shipping table circa 2010

Sleeping on the job in the early days.

Oh, we also had two kids along the way, so let’s just say it’s been busy.

The children

The children

So, why start up the blog again?

While continuing to grow and improve Quince and Apple will certainly continue to take up a lot of my time and energy, things are in a stable enough place now that I have enough time to get back to what I really love doing – creative explorations in the kitchen. It would be great if some of the things I write about here end up on store shelves in a Quince and Apple jar, but that’s not the short-term goal. Instead, the goal is to have a creative outlet that is free of the commercial pressures of developing new products for Q&A, which need to be perfected, scaled for distribution, priced correctly, branded, marketed and sold.

The things I work on and write about here will likely be less profitable, more experimental, less scalable and more likely to fail. But, they’ll be from the heart, which is the whole point.

So, stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for a peek at all the strange ideas I’ve been saving up for the past 9 years. Let’s hope it gets weird. 🙂

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