The Nuisance of a Name

Hey folks, here’s the deal.

I’m working on jumping through all the legal hoops to get a license to sell my jams and preserves for real money. All that’s fairly easy once you know what you have to do.

The hard part is coming up with a name.

david matthew sounds kinda formal and a bit like a furniture collection (“Oh, I just love your couch.” “Thank you, it’s a david matthew.”)

But I also kinda like it.

I’ve been coming up a lot of good ideas, but nothing great.

That’s where you come in.

I’m looking for a name for my preserves business that would go on every jar and that would capture these adjectives:

hand crafted
Anyone got any bright ideas?

4 thoughts on “The Nuisance of a Name

  1. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait till you sell these! They are soooo good! I want one of everything you’ve made, and I want to give them as Christmas gifts. Maybe you could just start selling them underground for the Holiday season . . .

  2. Gaia says:

    Speaking of underground, did you hear this week’s Splendid Table radio show? They did a bit on “underground restaurants.” Interesting angle you might be able to work with … for a while anyway!

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