I’m starting to plan my next project (while lagging on posting about my last two…) and I’m brainstorming ideas. Here are a few that I’m mulling over: 

Maple Nectarine
Honeydew Almond
Apricot Rosemary
Black Currant Jelly
Watermelon Rose
Cucumber Lime  

Any of these strike your fancy? I’m open to input and other ideas as well, so comment away and I’ll take your advice when I decide what to make next! Who knows, you might even get to taste the end result!

3 thoughts on “Brainstorming

  1. Nicole says:

    You should go work at Bath & Bodyworks. hahaha just kidding!

    Maple nectarine sounds good. Or something with peaches. I’ve been eating fresh, ripe peaches like made recently and they are delicious!

  2. Clare says:

    i agree, watermelon rose yuck. i also feel that way about cucumber lime. but i love black currant, blueberry, honeydew almond and maple nectarine. apricot rosemary…so so.

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